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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, as the saying goes. It is tradition to have all four as you make your way down the aisle, but it is also a fun way to accessorize.

I think these little “somethings” are an opportunity to add some of the most special, heartfelt and creative finishing touches to your ensemble. However, they can often be overlooked amidst all the taffeta and tulle, and sometimes completely forgotten. I took a such joy in finding a unique way to satisfy each “something” that in some cases I wound up with two!

Something old.

This was one of my favorite categories. There is just so much you can do to have something old tucked away in your wedding day garb. They don’t give you all that tulle for nothing! I opted for using something old to create something new with the help of my good friend Nicole. My mother had so kindly given me her veil to use in whatever way I pleased. I, not so kindly, decided to chop it up, remove the gorgeous pearl beaded trim and Nicole was able to turn it into a beautiful belted creation.

I wore the beaded belt, in the upper right corner, down the aisle and the belt with the flower accent for the reception. (Photo from Paul Morse)

Something new

Something new is a pretty easy requirement to satisfy. Let’s start with a new dress, new shoes, potentially new jewelry, hopefully new underwear…you get the idea. I was extremely lucky to have a wonderful husband who gifted me with some seriously stunning pearl and diamond earrings. Something new, check!

(Photo from Paul Morse)

Something borrowed.

A few weeks ago, while I was on the topic of wedding shoes, I talked about the shoe clips that I was able to borrow from my mother in law. My cousin also let me borrow a strand of pearls that belonged to my Aunt who is no longer with us, which served as very special reminder of two people I love. Incidentally, my mother in law also gave me a set of her own pearls, which paired perfectly, allowing me to have something borrowed and something new.

I wore two pearl necklaces – one borrowed and one old – for my walk down the aisle. You can also get a better view of the belt which was made from my mom’s veil. (Photo courtesy of Paul Morse)

Something blue

This is where a bride can have the most fun. From painted finger nails to toe nails; from sashes to undergarments; and from flowers to hairpieces; blue can make its debut just about anywhere. Again, I opted for blue shoes but also borrowed (check, another borrowed item!) a bracelet from my mother with a small topaz stone. The possibilities are endless.

I loved the pop of blue in all of my photos. (Photo from Paul Morse)

These were my picks for my own something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. There are so many other creative ways to meet these traditional criteria. Have your bridesmaids sign the bottom of your shoes in blue or paint the bottom of your shoes blue. Tie a picture of your parents or grandparents on their wedding day to your bouquet for something old. Borrow a close friend or family member’s veil.

Whatever you choose, make sure all items are uniquely yours and make you feel special!

For all my married folk out there, what were your four “somethings”?