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Most brides are meticulous about their wedding “look.” Countless shopping hours and splitting decisions are made regarding the dress, jewelry, accessories, hair and makeup. But what about the shoes?

Image courtesy of Mangolens Photography

As a shoe-lover, it is hard for me to understand how the shoes are not a primary focus of every bride. However, I could see how what you plan wear on your feet underneath a floor-length gown might be the last of your worries.

But ladies, please think twice about your wedding day footwear!

  1. You are going to parade down an aisle in front of an audience. Whether it is an audience of 10 or 300 is irrelevant. You will WALK for what seems an eternity down a tiny little aisle while nervous, anxious, excited, happy, insert-any-other-emotion-here. Every bride’s worst fear is teetering, tripping and/or falling during that fateful stretch between her and her groom. Make sure you have a nice, sturdy pair of shoes – flats or heels – to keep you gliding effortlessly down that aisle.
  2. After you’re done strutting better than a pageant queen, you are going to be doing your bride-ly duties of thanking guests, shaking hands, kissing babies and, of course, dancing the night away. Again, you want to look impossibly perfect while doing all of these things and painful, uncomfortable shoes will ruin your evening.
  3. Shoes are an opportunity to show some personality. Prefer living in color? Pick a pair of bold, colored statement heels. Country girl at heart? Throw on some cowboy boots. Tomboy for life? Put on a pair of Converse. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to personalize a day otherwise all about tradition.

A good pair of shoes do not need to cost a fortune either. I chose a pair of $40 blue heels as my “something blue” and added my mother-in-laws shoe clips, which she so generously let me wear as one of my “something borrowed” items.

Photo courtesy of Paul Morse Photography

Still searching for a perfect pair? Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid or just a guest, these pairs are fantastic:

Caparros Shoes, Bouvier Evening Pumps | $76.50

Ann Roth Shoes “Swoon” | $312.50

Kate Spade Charm | $325

My absolute dream wedding day shoe, you know, if I had $1,000 to spend on a pair of shoes.

Manolo Blahnik ‘Hangis’ Jeweled Pump | $945