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We all have a Little Black Dress in our closet. Or, if you’re like me, it is probably more accurate to say you have 5+ LBDs in your closet that you like but don’t really love and therefore just keep collecting additional LBDs that you hope will fulfill your needs. Until you release that there is a whole big, bad world of color out there that can give you just what you want.

Sure, black is a staple. You’ll always need it in your wardrobe for something and the supposed slimming effect is always a confidence boost. However, an LBD of a different variety – a Little BOLD dress – can give you that same confidence boost by leaving you looking flat out radiant.

I fell in love with the J Crew Lucille Dress a couple of months ago and finally purchased it a few weeks ago on sale. As a fine Irish lass, I had been eying the kelly green, but all that was left in my size was the bright pink, so my pale-skinned, reddish-haired self took the plunge into pink – and I couldn’t be happier. I wore it last week to the Madewell and Gap fashion events and got tons of compliments, particularly with the aqua color pairing. I put together almost my exact outfit below. I am a bargain girl, so my real life outfit featured leopard flats from Kohl’s and my necklace was a turquoise version from Ann Taylor Loft.

A Pop of Pink
The bright colors of summer can easily transition to fall with the right color combinations. Once the colder weather comes, I’ll pair this dress with a cream-colored cardigan, some brown riding boots and patterned tights. Keep your eye out for greens, blues and purples which will work well into fall and winter and make sure you choose a frock with a classic, feminine cut if you want it to serve the same functions as an LBD. A tailored, slim-waisted look is essential for a dress to span wardrobe needs ranging from work, to special events, to date night.
So, the moral of the story post? Next time you are in need of a basic, staple dress, don’t be colorblind. You’ll be surprised at what a little color can do!