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White blazers

My recent post on Olympic garb has me seriously jonesing for a white blazer. The perfect white blazer oozes casual class and more often than not is the perfect way to top off an outfit. Dressing for a date night or night out on the town? Top off a flowy top and short shorts with your white blazer and wedges or stilettos and you’ll be the picture of perfection. Headed to the office? Pair a pretty, printed dress with a white blazer and a pair of bold heels for a professional, yet fashionable look.

Sure, summer is almost over and white is probably not the best color to be purchasing. However, with the right cut, fit and styling a white blazer can pretty much be worn year round. Now is a great time to buy because anything white is typically on sale at the end of summer.

If you’re in the market for one, here are some tips for finding the right look without looking like you stepped off the set of your favorite 80’s sitcom:

  • Fit: Blazers can typically be classified in one of two fits, oversized or fitted. Oversized does not mean massive, it means slouchy, just slightly one size too large. The term “boyfriend blazer” can be confusing; if your boyfriend is more than 3 inches taller than you, immediately remove this phrase from your vocabulary.
  • Structure: Make sure the blazer has enough structure to provide tailored lines, but not enough to make you look like you could have been a linebacker in a past life.
  • Length: A slouchy blazer will have a longer length while a fitted blazer will be shorter or perhaps even cropped. If you’re going cropped, make sure it hits the bottom of your ribcage. A blazer is too long if your shorts disappear once you put it on. I know Miley pulled it off, but let’s face it, as much as we want to believe life is one big red carpet, very few of us are teenage starlets with super-toned gams and super-hot fiances we meet on movie sets. It’s ok, you wouldn’t wear the Hannah Montana wig either, so don’t let this one get ya down.
  • Details: Piping, double-breasted, three-button, no-button, peplum, lapels – there is a lot to consider when choosing the right blazer. If you are spending more than $50, go for classic details that will last for at least two years. If the price tag is sub-$50, have some fun and play with some fun trends.

Some of my favorite options are above, with varying price points. For now, I’ll be scouring sales at my favorite retailers to find the perfect white blazer!

Where have you found your favorite white blazer?