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I love the Olympics. I love the Olympics more than most people I know although I am proud to call some of my close friends members of the obsessive Olympic contingent. On the excitement meter, the Olympics are right up there with Chanel purses, Ryan Gosling and, dare I say, Christmas.

During the games, there are usually a fair amount of parties held to cheer on and admire the athleticism of Team USA, usually through the consumption of beer or any other alcoholic beverage of choice. Hey, we all have our strengths! With the mention of any party, my mind immediately drifts to…”gosh, what am I going to wear?”

So, I thought I’d throw together an imaginary outfit to rock, if I had unlimited funds of course. Unfortunately, all I want to do is shop for said clothing now – and here’s why:

Gold Medal Fashion: Olympic Style

Just the perfect amount of patriotism without looking like you belong on stage at a Fourth of July event. The J Crew pencil skirt can be worn a million ways for work or play. Pair it with a vintage Olympic or USA tank to support our athletes. Cover it with a white blazer or chambray shirt if you want to make the look work appropriate. Finish the look off with some metallic jewelry, after all, we’re going for the gold here, and some fun, sporty kicks and you are ready to go! Even budding fashion designer Ryan Lochte would be proud. Looking for more inspiration? Check out some more Fourth of July inspired fashion.

And, in case you need an excuse to shop, it is TAX FREE WEEKEND in Virginia. Take advantage!