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A few days ago, I wrote a post about Uber’s awesomeness. Well, it turns out that said awesomeness is being threatened by the DC City Council.

Uber announced a lower cost service, UberX, which provides a less expensive Uber option by using an all-hybrid fleet of cars. They were unable to release this service in DC because the DC City Council is trying to make it illegal for Uber to offer lower rates in any form by passing an amendment to the taxi modernization bill.

The real reason behind this amendment is to keep Uber more expensive than taxis and pushing for Uber to be no less than 5 times a taxi’s minimum fare. The Council is voting on the Uber Amendment TODAY.

Now, I understand that Uber can seriously impact business for taxi drivers. However, Uber wouldn’t have such a strong market here in DC if the taxis provided satisfactory service. Too often, people are denied taxi service based on their destination and charged unfairly when there is a high demand. Uber provides a solution to this problem and is simply trying to make their car service available for as many people as possible.

If you don’t agree, no harm done, I am not trying to change your mind. However, if you do agree, take just 5-10 minutes of your time today and call or write as many City Council members as possible to let them know that you want your right to Uber. Their info is below and you can find more info on the Uber Amendment on Uber’s blog.

You can also sign the petition to strike the minimum fare language from the Uber Amendment HERE.