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I hope everyone had a truly Fabulous 4th of July. I can’t lie, it was a little strange having a holiday in the middle of the week and to have the early morning wake up call for work. But, I’ll just look at it as a couple of two day work weeks! Aren’t we lucky?

Speaking of lucky, I feel very fortunate that I was able to spend the 4th of July in Washington D.C. this year. This is only the second year I’ve been in town for the holiday, but this was the first year I put myself right, smack dab in the middle of the city and I am so thankful I did! Granted, we did frequent two Mexican restaurants (Cantina Marina and Pacifico Cantina) – and, as my husband said, we were just one bratwurst and a potsticker away from making America really proud. It was my first time at Pacifico Cantina, which just opened a few weeks ago, but I’d highly recommend to anyone looking to kickback with a margarita. Check back later today for a full review, but for now a picture tour of my D.C. Independence Day Celebration!


Some mango beer-garitas with some of my favorite ladies.


We walked from Barracks Row in Capitol Hill, down Independence to get a view of the fireworks. I only had my iphone, but this was one of my favorite shots!


And of course, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include our view of the Capitol Building.

After we walked down to the National Mall for the fireworks finale, we quickly realized that we were amidst thousands of people all clamoring to get to the nearest metro station. The line to get down to the stations closest to the mall were at least a hundred people deep – and that was just to get down the stairs to the metro. I can’t even imagine what the platforms looked like! So, we kept on trucking down the mall and through the city, which was a great experience in of itself. We strolled past the White House and just enjoyed being in the city, even though I would have preferred the temperature to be about 15 degrees cooler.

We caught a cab in Dupont and once we got home, saw another fireworks show from our living room window. I’d say it doesn’t get much better than celebrating America and our independence with the people you love in our nation’s capital! I hope you all had a great holiday and work is at least bearable today!