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First of all, I can hardly believe it is July already. It seems like I was just celebrating New Years Eve and here we are nearly halfway through 2012! But, I digress. Let’s focus on more important things – like the fashions we can don while celebrating America’s birthday!

I usually travel for the 4th of July, but I am very excited to be celebrating here in our Nation’s Capital for once! There is nothing quite like the displays of patriotism that occur, leaving us all feeling more American than a slice of Apple pie washed down by a swig of Budweiser.

As you can imagine, here in D.C., there is no shortage of things to do, places to be and people to see on the 4th. In fact, the trouble often is choosing just one option! I’m taking a more laissez faire approach to my plans tomorrow and just seeing where the day takes me. However, if you have your plans all ironed out you are probably now wondering what the heck to wear! Fret no further and take a peek at some of the outfit ideas below. No matter what your plans are, you’ll be prepared to do America proud in these patriotic ensembles!

One tip to make sure you look like Miss America and not Uncle Sam – don’t over do it! Anchor your outfit with one patriotic color and accessorize with the others; don’t try to let them all compete.

Fourth Fashion: From Day to Night

Not sure what your plans are? Be ready for a daytime celebration, an evening event and everything in between in this outfit.

Fourth Fashion: A Daytime Celebration
– Planning for an outdoor bbq or staking out a plot of grass for some evening fireworks? Take the casual approach with these looks.
Fourth Fashion: A Daytime Celebration by kerrychannon featuring peplum and polka dots.
Fourth Fashion - A Dressy Affair
– Does your 4th of July call for playing a bit of dress up? Pair your favorite red, white or blue dress with some eye-catching accessories and you are ready to party the night away!