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Whether happily employed, miserably employed or anxiously trying to just be employed, happily or not, it is always best to be prepared. Staying current on the latest job search tools, advice and tips is essential to making sure you are ready to take the next step in your career. Or, perhaps, stay put after comparing a current gig to what else is out there!

Professionals in their mid-twenties are facing tough decisions related to their careers. It is a transitional time; some have been at companies for more than five years while others (such as myself) have bounced around between 2-3 positions in 5 years. After five years or so in the workforce, it seems normal to question whether our role is setting us up for the brightest future possible; whether we are learning everything we can from our responsibilities; whether we are challenged enough in our current position; whether our true potential is being reached; whether we are being paid accordingly for our skills. The queries are endless and always slowly eating away at our thoughts, but we aren’t job seekers – call us job questioners.

We’re questioning, so we aren’t sure whether or not it is time to make a leap into a new career. In order to make a qualified decision, we have to educate ourselves. But how can a job “questioner” get a better idea of what is out there without outing themselves to their colleagues or bosses?

Enter JobPoacher, a unique site that let’s you enter in your information, making it public to recruiters, but anonymous to anyone viewing it. Crazy, right? The site asks the user for his/her current title, salary and location; then asks for the user’s desired title, compensation, location and email address. Using a craigslist-like function, the email address is made anonymous and all information is posted for recruiters! Voila – now your info is out there for the world to see, but nobody will know it’s you! Consider yourself an informed job questioner!

Why not turn the job search process around and make people come after you? You know you’re worth it!