Well, maybe they are after all! The latest web creation out of my alma mater, University of Maryland, allows students to post their deepest, darkest secrets for all the world to see. Why the HECK would you do that? Because it is all ANONYMOUS thanks to TerpSecret, brought to you by University of Maryland sophomore, Sarah Tincher.

We all have secrets we carry with us. Some are harmless…”Of course I didn’t finish that entire bottle of wine all by myself…,” and some are so scandalous or controversial that they weigh on us. But, by nature, we aren’t allowed to share them. Sometimes we break down and tell someone, but then are faced with the pending judgement of our secret.

To avoid that judgement, post your secret(s) on TerpSecret – “Pour your heart out. Or just talk shit. Whatever works.” Creator Sarah writes on her site that she is “trying to bring together the UMD community, and give everyone a private, judgment-free place to vent.” She is responsible with her site, too. Offering an entire page on the blog encouraging posters to get help if they are struggling with depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide or any related issue. She even offers suggestions on places to get help.

I personally think any forum in which people can share their thoughts, feelings and emotions without the backlash of potential judgement or unwelcome opinions is refreshing. We are living in a world where we share everything from what we ate for breakfast to our daily exercise routines. We overshare the trivial things and tend to gloss over the serious stuff for fear of facing criticism. Encouraging each other to share the stuff that really matters, whether anonymously or not, allows us to connect with one another on another level.

So, go ahead! Share your secret!