I relish in any opportunity for a boombox throwback. Apparently, so do brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay, also known as Bluebrain (and The Epochs). This pop-rock due returned to DC a few years ago from Brooklyn, where they had earned notoriety for their unique tracks, which you can check out here.

Bluebrain's Hays and Ryan Holladay

Why are they so interesting, you ask? Sure, rocking out to some sweet tunes is always cause for notice, but these guys are even more attention-worthy because the founders of the DC Boombox Walk. And…what exactly is that? Well, the concept is simple; the Holladay brothers compose an original track and ask 50 of their loyal followers to show up with a boombox at a predetermined location, at which point all 50 participants play the track on their boomboxes at the same time. The REALLY cool part? Everyone’s track is a different instrument; some are drums, some are vocals, some are guitar, you get the idea.

On Saturday, January 14th, Bluebrain is holding their third and final Boombox walk at the United States Botanical Garden (100 Maryland Ave, Washington, DC SW). This walk will be a bit different being that it is indoors and Bluebrain is requesting all types of musical devices, CDs, MP3s, cassette, whatever you have! If you want to participate, just shoot an email to bluebrainmusic@gmail.com.