Glamour just released a list of the Ten Pants Every Woman Should Own. Now, as the elude to in the feature, I am not a pants girl and not in the ultra-cool Lady Gaga or RiRi kind of way. More in the “my body issues and I prefer to conceal our thighs under a cute skirt or dress kind of way.” I found this list particularly enticing, as I was hoping for some inspiration. Here are the “looks” that made the cut according to Glamour…and the ones I don’t necessarily agree with:

“Fit-You-to-a-TDark Jeans”
A Joe’s Jeans skinny fit dark wash option
We all have our favorite pair of jeans that make us feel like we can rival Giselle and they typically happen to be a dark wash, since it is by far the most flattering. This is one area where I say splurge! Designer jeans just FIT and FEEL better – after you get them hemmed, that is. My favorite brands are Paige and Joe’s. Designer jeans come with a pretty price tag, but you can always find them for a steal if you have the patience for it. The first place I always check for discount designer jeans is Nordstrom Rack. If you are on the shorter side, give the petite sizes a try! 
I’ve already posted about my favorite leggings from Lucky Brand that I unfortunately can’t seem to find anywhere this season. A nice pair of thick, stretchy leggings are your BEST friend. They go with anything you have in your wardrobe, can be dressed up or down and are just plain comfortable! I’m still on the search for another “golden” pair, but you can try Lu Lu Lemon for some high quality leggings that can do double duty as workout gear!
RuggedPants (Fit for a Lady)
I don’t necessarily agree with this suggestion. I think the “rugged” trend has come and gone back to the mountain, safari, hiking trail from which it came. Your money can be better spent elsewhere and cargo pockets really are not a girl’s best friend (unless you resemble Kate Bosworth). Take some inspiration from this look, perhaps an army green or rich khaki colored pant but this doesn’t necessarily need to be a staple for every woman. 
Colored Legging-Jeans from Gap
Pantsin a Bold or Bright Color
Grab your shades, kids! This spring is going to popping with bright colors – neons, bolds, jewel tones – they’re all there! I just picked up a pair of red cords and cobalt blue capris to do my part. I wouldn’t recommend splurging on this item. Look for a steal, but don’t sacrifice fit or color for the price tag. Pick a color that will work with what you already have in your wardrobe and that can act as a neutral; cobalt or royal blue, red or coral, magenta and mustard yellow are some great options to begin your journey into the world of color. Check out J Crew’s cords and Matchstick colored jeans, or Ann Taylor Loft for some suggestions. 
So, we all need some fancy pants, huh? I see the need for having a fun, go-to, dressy pair of pants in your closet for when your LBD is just too tuckered out to make another appearance. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be it’s own category. If you’re on a budget, as most twenty-somethings, your cocktail-party pants can be your favorite pair of black pants or your bold, bright colored pants. Let’s be resourceful, ladies! It is a recession, after all! 
If a slouchy style looks good on you, then by all means, find a great boyfriend jean for your wardrobe. I’m not hating on the boyfriend jean, I just don’t think it is something every woman needs in her closet. What ever happened to a great, classic trouser or boot cut jean? 
Always necessary, although not always fun! Many stores are showing a much slimmer, ankle-length version pants which are great for the office. Just make sure they aren’t too tight! 
Leave it to Kimmy K to make
the wide-leg jean look chic
Printedor Patterned Pants
Couple these “statement” pants with your color pants – again, work with what you have to put together a great outfit! Pants with prints and patterns can be adorable, but they are not a necessity. However, if you insist, J Crew can usually offer you some nice, preppy options!
If you can pull the wide-leg look off, then they are a must. A long hem helps to elongate the leg, yes, even for us short girls, but you have to be careful to stay away from anything too high-waisted or too 70’s. Go for inspiration, not expiration. A nice button up shirt or fitted top pairs well with wide-leg pants. 

Leather, pleather, skinny, wide-leg, printed, colored -whatever it may be. Keep a secret weapon in your closet to punch up your wardrobe whenever you need a fashion boost. If you’re preppy, purchase some liquid leggings. If you’re a rocker chic, go for something unexpected in a color other than black.

Addition: The LBP
The Little Black Pant is just as essential to a woman’s wardrobe as the LBD. You can wear them to work, to play, to party, to church – wherever and whenever. Go for a flattering fit that is long enough to work with flats or heels so they are universally workable.